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  • Vale, Steve Jobs

    I was at work, browsing idly on my iPhone when I stumbled upon the news, linked to a short news blast from the AP. This wasn’t fake: it was a statement by Apple, and the language was solemn. Man oh man, the shock froze me for a minute. As though I was searching for a […]

  • FTFF

    If you know the FTFF acronym, you’ll know exactly why I’m posting this today. If you don’t, I suspect this post will be largely irrelevant. Feel free to wander over to somewhere you get some damn posts, like Kottke or Dooce or something. Anyway. Apple, please, Fix The Fucking Finder for 10.7. And fixing the […]

  • Back to the Future

    We’ve been here before. I wonder if anyone else recognises it? (Well, I haven’t, though I’ve read about it. Let me explain…) There’s an eerie sense of deja vu about the computer industry right now, if you look at it the right way.  The PC wars were pretty much over by the time I was […]

  • The iPhone Post (Part the Second)

    The day iPhone 3GS was announced, I realised that on pure technical stats, it was higher spec than the second computer my family owned, bought in 1999 for a tidy sum – a Pentium III 550MHz with 128MB of RAM and 16GB of disk space. Here Apple was selling a device that could comfortably fit […]

  • How to set the default language in Mac OSX or Pages to be Australian or British English

    How hard is it to find this somewhere straight-forward on the net? Very hard evidently, because how many people come here. Edit: now updated for Yosemite. Older version below. Step 1: Open Language & Region: Step 2: Go to the language list and click +: Step 3: Select the language desired – in this case […]

  • Apple Backlash

    The Apple backlash proper will occur sometime in March next year: Leopard will be to Tiger as Vista is to XP?