thinking too loud

Time flying like a banana

“Mate, it’s almost Christmas soon.”


There goes another year. It’s October again, all of a sudden, and I’m just wondering what happened to the months Feb – Sep inclusive. 2007, which feels like I’ve only just gotten used to writing, is about to disappear – a couple of months to go yet, sure but in the context of the year it’s nearly over! What on earth did I get up to this year?

Oh, apart from the whole move-to-another-country thing. I mean, that practically fell into my lap. Sure, the process started in February… didn’t get over here til June… had a little side-trip to Singapore… Oh, the parents moved up early in the year, and my sister moved to Adelaide, but that’s not really me…

Every day ticks over so quickly, and almost sneakily there’s a pile of them marked “2007: expired” behind me. New Years Resolutions? pfft, I think I thought about them in May sometime.

Photographic evidence of the year doesn’t suggest much, either. All I can really tally up is that 2007 was – is – a big year for my liver. I’ve been so caught up in the day to day at work, I think I’ve forgotten entirely the longer-term picture.

Where did your 2007 go? What do you have to frantically cram in to the last couple of months to make it feel worthwhile?