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  • Sunday Recipe: French Toast

    Here’s an easy one for you :) I have no idea if my style of French Toast has any resembelence to the so-called real thing or not, but this is what I love to make of a Sunday morning. Straightforward ingredients: Eggs: my rule is 2 eggs for 3 slices of bread Bread: 3 slices […]

  • Recipe: Pasta (a la Juneja)

    I was just thinking while cooking lunch that I haven’t done one of my Sunday recipes in a while, and I’d promised my sister that I’d post our family pasta recipe so she could whip up one of her own in Adelaide. And at that exact moment, I happened to be in the process of […]

  • Recipe: Lobia (Black-Eyed Beans)

    Lobia or black-eyed beans follow the classic recipe for lentils, so this is another nice place to start to learn the variety of Indian food. I like to think of most Indian food as falling into two broad categories – “wet” and “dry”. Last time, I demonstrated dry, so this time it’s the wet, and […]

  • Sunday Recipe: Aloo Gobi (Potatoes & Cauliflower)

    Aloo Gobi is a classic Indian recipe, and one of the easiest to pick up for total Indian cooking novices. It’s also where I was first introduced to Indian cooking, so I think it serves as a good starter here, too. I considered starting with the simple stir-fry noodles, but that seems to be aiming […]