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  • Flying Low

    The witching hour had been and gone. It was now entering that part of the night where the pretenders had gone safely to their beds, but the hedonists had not totally taken over the club, their drug-addled eyes moving fitfully as their passions empowered them. Or as my mate Dave would have it, late enough […]

  • Leave me with a scar

    “What’s this?” “What’s what?” “This little scar here.” “That… that there is from skateboarding.” “No!” “No what?” “You never skateboarded!” “After cracking my head and getting 6 stiches, no.” “I still don’t believe you.” “I was 6 at the time.” “Oh… well, what’s this one?” “That one is from impaling myself on my bike when […]

  • Untitled, No. 1

    You notice more when you just shut up. The line of the eyebrows, carefully maintained, just under the line of the fringe. The waves in her dark hair, untied now. On the left, tucked behind ears too ordinary, stereotypical even, as one might find on a mannequin. Fingers playing with a loose lock, nails with […]

  • No Hero

    Bang, Bang Gunshots have a way of being capital B bangs. They might even be in all capitals, but that never looks right. Two gunshots, and the silence that followed was so absolute, pin-dropping would have constituted a racket. It was the kind of silence where you could hear the reverb rattling around in people’s […]

  • Act III, Scene IV

    TWO PEOPLE, one MALE, one FEMALE, lying on a DOUBLE BED. It is A SUMMER NIGHT, and no lights are on inside THE APARTMENT, though LIGHT filters through the BILLOWING CURTAINS from the STREET OUTSIDE. The CAMERA zooms in from the door, taking in the scene. They are TALKING, IN SOFT WHISPERS. There is a […]

  • Snow

    Jacob moved carefully, wary of the many improbably perched ornaments that decorated the house. “Over here,” called Angela, her voice seemingly distant. It was no real help, but the corridor had only one way out that didn’t seem to be covered in years of dust. Jacob stepped into the brightest room in the house, a […]

  • A Study in Scenery

    The club is packed, and the crowd is slowly transforming. The Friday night 9-to-5ers are leaving, finishing their week, and the dedicated party nuts are heading out to start their weekend; two different worlds crossing in the common space of the music and drink. I’m not sure what I’m doing here, and soon I will […]

  • Dear Diary, part 2

    Day 18 Actually getting out from work by the clock to make it in time for that train, those 5 minutes before. She was looking lost in thought today, and my train pulled in first. She looked up and directly at me before my train pulled out, the distance between us halved. Day 19 She […]

  • Dear Diary, part 1

    Day 1 I saw this girl standing on the opposite platform today, waiting like I was. Almost exactly like I was actually – slouched at the end of day made much too long, iPod plugged into ears, staring off into the middle distance. Day 3 I saw that girl (from a couple of days ago) […]

  • pinstripes

    She walks down the street, head bent into her favourite book. She’s reading this for the fifth time, this year. Her feet know the way to work, moving automatically to her destination, a desk some stories up in a glass tower. Even if she knows exactly how this chapter ends, every time she reads it […]