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  • Which Beer Will You Choose?

    Love these Improv Everywhere guys:

  • The Great SIM Heist

    In 2010, GCHQ and the NSA hacked a company responsible for producing a huge number of mobile SIMs and stole all the security keys: With these stolen encryption keys, intelligence agencies can monitor mobile communications without seeking or receiving approval from telecom companies and foreign governments. Possessing the keys also sidesteps the need to get a […]

  • How Jackie Chan Does Action Comedy

    Every Frame a Painting examines Jackie Chan’s Action Comedy direction and why it’s so successful: See also How Edgar Wright Does Visual Comedy – almost a study in Simon Pegg, but also why there needs to be way more Wright films.

  • Since Records Began

    2014 is the hottest average temperature on Earth since records began. It’s only half a degree (Celsius) up on the 20th Century average, but that’s still half a degree in a human lifetime. This is no longer a geological-scale process of warming. To bring this back home quite succinctly, this animation demonstrates the process of […]

  • The Detective Ladies of India

    The Guardian has a fascinating article on the increasing number of detective agencies in India, particularly staffed with ladies investigating possible affairs: The boy and the girl met each other, Paliwal says, and became very close in no time. “But just before the wedding, the boy began to feel a little doubt: ‘Why is this […]

  • Subscribing to Wikipedia

    Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. — Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia When you think about how many sites around the web are entirely powered off the back of advertising rather than direct money, it’s kind of astonishing something as […]

  • When Dilbert hits a little close to home…

  • The Sum of Natural Numbers is….

    … -1/12? This is evidence that reality is a computer that has overflow at infinity, because the result is useful in String theory and therefore helps explain the physics of the universe. Feel free to blather now.

  • A little diversion into economics

    First: an observation on house prices being driven by land use regulations: Rethinking Urban growth boundaries: A related unintended consequence of urban consolidation is that ‘densification’ has often ceased to occur at its historically natural locations nearer the urban core and has instead shifted further away into less efficient locations (i.e. far away from employment and amenities). The […]

  • Gruber’s selective memory on Disney

    John Gruber, arguing for Nintendo to just develop for iOS, states his admiration for Disney: One thing that has long fascinated me about Walt Disney was that he was always looking for the next big thing, and never worried about protecting the last big thing. This really doesn’t square with Disney’s long-term support for the […]