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  • You’re working in Sydney when…

    Harbour Views? Tick. Actually, that’s about it for knowing when you’re really working in Sydney. What more can you truly ask for than harbour views from your office when you’re merely a graduate? It’s stunningly gorgeous. I remember those moments of doubt, of questioning myself as to why i went through the hassle to move […]

  • “… I painted the house.”

    I’m kinda nervous. I’m here much too early, so I stop at a park bench in the sun, adjust my tie, shift stuff around in my bag. Haven’t worn a tie for this long since high school, basically, and I’m not even in the door of the place. Gawd. m-flo & yoshika start to sing […]

  • Preliminary Report

    So I’ve been here two days… Sydney is hot. Which is nice, and which I recall quite clearly. Sydney is humid. Which is less nice. And I don’t recall it being this humid at all. Living alone has its own ups and downs. I think in part this will sort itself out when I start […]

  • Clothing Conspiracy

    We have managed to uncover a huge clothing conspiracy which may explain why you no longer fit into that nice size M shirt, and are now guiltily standing at the counter buying a size L even though you really aren’t all that large. Yessiree, there’s a bourgeois conspiracy to make the untailored clothes buying public […]

  • By any other name

    In my more idle moments, such as those occupying the many hours spent on public transport, I often daydream and speculate – some of which ends up here on this very blog when it happens to be something I deem intriguing – and one of my occasional random thoughts is: what am I going to […]

  • Birthday/Birthday/Pool BBQ

    It’s a funny thing sometimes – when something you want to happen doesn’t happen, you get disappointed. But then, serrendipitously, it happens without preamble, and you have two paths to choose. You can choose to enjoy it, to revel in the fact that it’s finally happening, or you can choose to turn the bitter side […]

  • Paris & Lindsay

    Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have unchanging facial expressions. Spookey. (via)

  • Two Weeks Notice

    Official notice to all you Melbourne peeps that I will be flying away in two weeks, and that’s the start of my working life just around the corner there and ohgodit’ssoscaryIbarelywanttothinkaboutit. So yes, officially notified that I am out of here. value your time with me as you will.

  • iPod Anniversary

    Technically, yes, this is infact the 13 month iPod anniversary, but what with being away for a sum total of 1 month under repairs (approximately & exactly) I consider this the culmination of a year’s worth of iPod use. (and the end of the warranty…) And that also means it sums up my music of […]

  • Notes (edited)

    – Fun With Dick and Jane: not actually all that much fun as is promised. Hilarious in some bits, but Jim Carey is just so Jim Carey at times and you want him to sit down. 3 stars. – Memoirs of a Geisha looks suitably fantastic. Never having read the book despite all promises to […]