Author: karan

  • Goowy

    It’s so very… gooey. Only it’s Goowy, and it’s cool. Maybe it’s ‘groovy’ with a lisp? Anyway, check it out. Very Web 2.0, and Very Cool.

  • Memory Meme Madness

    Purloining memes is inevitable; it’s something about their nature – well, it really is their nature – that others will steal the meme and put it on their blog in an spectacular display of unimagination/uncreativity. But they’re fun. So stealing from elsewhere, the following meme continues. And it feels oddly appropriate to me to be […]

  • Intelligence & Design

    Scott Adams lays it down on Intelligent Design – to some extent (right at the end) he’s making some of the mistakes he criticised in saying that don’t misrepresent the issue (Atheists aren’t the only ones that believe in evolution), but otherwise a fairly thoughtful post.

  • Sydney Race Riots

    I was going to write about this sooner but following the completition – for the most part anyway – of the site’s design I decided to go for a full format and in the process have been busy, as well as loosing internet for the better part of the day. Anyway. There’s plenty of news […]

  • Guest post meme

    Inspired by this post, I’m taking submissions for a guest post or two, to be published around Christmas-New Year. Please email me if you have something that might be of interest to me & those who read this site. No set topic, and no editing on my part if selected!

  • Welcome to Pushing the Sky

    I’ve always liked Sundays – I was born on one. I think the week starts on a Sunday – I’ve always liked the idea that you start the week chillin’. So I figure what better day to launch Pushing the Sky than on Sunday? Monday’s for the bug fixing, because I’ll be annoyed anyhow. Some […]