It’s a Wonderful Internet

It’s a Wonderful Internet – “Every time a bell rings, a baby website gets its own URL” =D

the daily column

eInk commeth

Tell me that ain’t an impressive beauty. The chick, not the clock. Such a fine shape I ain’t ever seen…

eInk clock

No of course I meant the clock. (sigh, yes, I can hear your groans already). But yes, my friends, that above is eInk demonstrated. I mean, obviously it’d be a lot more impressive were it a video of the time ticking over, but you can see the principle demonstrated there and tell quite clearly: the future, it will be beautiful. I love the future.


Firefox Extensions

I reckon you should have these Firefox Extensions installed.

conversations with myself

let go

Step back. Don’t think so hard. Don’t try to hold on it when it’s going away. The horizon is tbe constant, but you need to keep moving towards it. Move forward, ever further, leaving your past behind like so many of yesterday’s memories and the embers of days past. let go of expectations. let go of demands. let go of frustrations. let go of pretense. be what you can be, and no more. let go of everything that is holding you back, and just jump.

let go without checking to see if anyone is going to catch you.



Demockratees! (sounds like a greek philosopher)

the daily column

Multi-choice question

Question: I have been awake until 4 am for the last 3 nights running because:

a) I’m turning into an insomniac or nocturnal.


c) I’m watching anime and I’m addicted

d) I’m playing Civilization 4 and … wuup, there goes 4 hours. Save? Oops, it’s 6 hours gone now.

e) All of the Above.

First to answer correctly gets a chocolate bar.



It’s so very… gooey. Only it’s Goowy, and it’s cool. Maybe it’s ‘groovy’ with a lisp? Anyway, check it out. Very Web 2.0, and Very Cool.


Memory Meme Madness

Purloining memes is inevitable; it’s something about their nature – well, it really is their nature – that others will steal the meme and put it on their blog in an spectacular display of unimagination/uncreativity. But they’re fun.

So stealing from elsewhere, the following meme continues. And it feels oddly appropriate to me to be talking about this kind of stuff, what with end-of-an-era type stuff happening to me. Enough blather, the meme:

Everyone who reads this blog who happens to also know me (rather than the usual net stumbler), post a memory you have of you, with me, a moment. it could be anything from the utterly humiliating to the higest of highs. see the theory is that different things are significant to different people, what you remember may not be something that i’d recall. so comment away, anonymously if you so wish, that could be part of the test! see if i remember your memory!

So let’s get to it folks =) What memory do you have of me?


Intelligence & Design

Scott Adams lays it down on Intelligent Design – to some extent (right at the end) he’s making some of the mistakes he criticised in saying that don’t misrepresent the issue (Atheists aren’t the only ones that believe in evolution), but otherwise a fairly thoughtful post.


Sydney Race Riots

I was going to write about this sooner but following the completition – for the most part anyway – of the site’s design I decided to go for a full format and in the process have been busy, as well as loosing internet for the better part of the day. Anyway.

There’s plenty of news reports around – CNN, BBC, Forbes (problems grow to Adelaide & Perth), The Age (mostly AP reports); hell, Google News has 1000+ stories on it – so it’s pretty much reached international incident status [aside: this is what it takes for Australia to get on the news? sheesh]. Each report has its own spin, as the media is wont to have, inevitably, but these are the facts that i’ve gathered so far:

  1. 2 Lifegaurds get bashed by a gang of “youths with Arab or Middle Eastern appearance” (all of which have now been arrested by the way).
  2. A week of simmering tensions ensue, with much anger at the supposed “attack on the Australian way of life”, since lifegaurds are an integral part of the Aussie beach culture.
  3. Sunday: Rally of “white” Australians in Cronulla – a prominent beach suburb with a overwhelming majority of Australian residents, generally above average economic profile. Majority of ‘rally’ participants are from other parts of Sydney as Cronulla is easily accessible by train, young, and fuelled by alcohol. Rally quickly turns ugly as people with non-“white” skin are attacked simply for being in the area. Police step in and riot ensues. Ambulance attacked while treating on the victims of the mob.
  4. Sunday night, Monday night – gangs of “Arab youths” go to suburbs of Cronulla and Maroubra – a similar suburb, but further north and closer to the city. Cars smashed and various other incidents of violent vandalism. A number of arrests made.