Author: karan

  • Jury Duty: As It Happened

    Back in April this year, I got a letter in the mail from the Office of the Sheriff for NSW. For a minute there I thought this had to be a fake, but who fakes a letter in the year 2017? For that matter in the year 2017, how do we have a sheriff? Isn’t […]

  • Back online

    So my site was offline with a bad plugin for just over 2 weeks, and I had no idea. I used to check this shit daily. Goddamn WordPress plugins are so. fucking. frustrating. Fantastic in theory, easy bit of functionality to extend the system, but the biggest source of vulnerabilities in the software, so you feel […]

  • The Super-aggregators

    Ben Thompson of Stratechery writes of Facebook & to a lesser extent Google’s model here: What makes Facebook and Google unique is that not only do they have zero transaction costs when it comes to serving end users, they also have zero transaction costs when it comes to both suppliers and advertisers. An interesting way […]

  • Winter’s over

    Winter’s over before it got cold. I mean, like, really properly cold. I think went out of my way this year to get exposed to something resembling the winter of old – biting cold that makes you happy to be inside. I went to Melbourne and to the mountains and to the valleys outside Sydney […]

  • Then it was Ma- Jun- July. 

    A draft starts in April, and then it was May. And despite the fact that May feels like the longest month ever – did you realise it’s 31 days? Does anything actually happen in May after May Day? A day so boring they couldn’t even come up with a more interesting name for it? Is […]

  • Globalisation and Inequality

    This thinkpiece is opinion with some small basis in researched reality, but please don’t take this as definitive. All my own views. The argument being made in the US post-Trump and in the UK post-Brexit is that the forces of globalisation and free trade have led to increasing inequality, and that’s what the working class […]

  • A Love Letter to Australia

    First Dog on the Moon writes a love letter to Australia: Hello Australia, I have always loved you. There isn’t space here to list everything as Australia takes up a lot of space. I love standing still in the bush when it is pushing 40 degrees… I love watching Test cricket. With the sound on […]

  • End of Week, End of Month, End of Quarter, End of Season

    It’s the end of another week, and then I look at the calendar and realise it’s the end of the month. But then it’s not only that, it’s the end of March, marking the end of the first quarter of the year – yes, I think like a banker now – and in a way […]

  • That Special Someone

    There’s an instinct that seems to drive people to want to be with a specific other person; “pair bonding” as the scientific term might go. It’s a natural instinct that you can explain away as pure biology, but of course humans have coopted this notion into something else entirely and put our own complicated spin […]

  • Ideas from HBR

    I’ve started listening to podcasts recently, and one that seems to work really well for me is the Harvard Business Review Ideacast. Ok, it’s a little bit B-School, a little bit world-of-work, but it’s surprisingly interesting despite the apparently staid context in which it exists. Here’s some interesting episodes I’ve listened to recently, along with […]