Month: April 2018

  • On Problem Solving

    I caught myself today acting a bit strange. [Ed: you finally noticed?] Ok ok I mean stranger than usual.¬†[Ed: how could you tell?] Conversations with imaginary editors [Ed: oi]¬†aside, I found myself sitting in my car, having returned from a busy day at work, playing a game I found yesterday called Really Bad Chess. It’s […]

  • Sonder through public meditation

    If you’ve not experienced sonder before, or not done so in a while, here’s a neat public meditation exercise that you can do that’ll open up new worlds: Pick any person sitting, or standing, across from you. Someone you can stare at without seeming creepy. Focus on that person and get a good feel for […]

  • Ceteris Paribus

    Change one thing at a time, and hold all others equal – ceteris paribus. It’s a core of science – to do an experiment, you look at cause and effect by making a cause happen and observing for effect. Except, just about anything that happens in the real world is not easily explained by a […]