Month: April 2015

  • Lego Car!

    A 256 cylinder car that runs on air? Naturally: More info here.

  • Questioning the ANZACs

    Scott McIntyre, a sports reporter for SBS news, was sacked this weekend for tweets about the ANZACs – McIntyre began his tweets on the centenary of the Gallipoli landings by criticising what he said was the “cultification [sic] of an imperialist invasion”. He was called out by Malcolm Turnbull, and many reacting online. SBS News’ […]

  • A Modern Day Hatchet Job

    Rachel Olding and Nick Ralston in the Sydney Morning Herald today take a hatchet to males in their mid 20s in their profile of Vincent Stanford, the 24 year old accused of murdering Stephanie Scott: The reclusive school cleaner had no known friends, no social media profiles and had uttered little more than a polite […]

  • The Ripple Effects of the price of Oil

    An analysis of the ripple effects of cheap oil – The [1974] oil shock altered power relations between the world’s main geopolitical players and created new ones. Higher oil prices had many unexpected consequences—from breeding oil wars to fueling the international spread of Islamic fundamentalism thanks to funding from newly super-rich countries like Saudi Arabia. Today’s […]