Month: March 2015

  • Aussie victory in the Cricket World Cup – at a cost

    Greg Baum in the SMH today – Cocooned in sycophancy, the Australians seem not to grasp nor care how poorly this behaviour sits with the other half of a cricket-following public they repeatedly and ever more deeply divide, even in their finest hours. They also do not seem to care or grasp how it rankles […]

  • Which Beer Will You Choose?

    Love these Improv Everywhere guys:

  • Our Pluto

    The New Horizons space probe is about to reach Pluto to take high resolution photos of the surface, and there’s a public vote page to select a list of names for the features on its surface. Fantastic effort and should be interesting, but I’d just point out the time at which New Horizons was launched, Pluto was still […]