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Since Records Began

2014 is the hottest average temperature on Earth since records began.

It’s only half a degree (Celsius) up on the 20th Century average, but that’s still half a degree in a human lifetime. This is no longer a geological-scale process of warming.

To bring this back home quite succinctly, this animation demonstrates the process of rising temperatures very well.

Two points to make a note on – the 1944 record stood for 36 years, until 1980; note also the massive jump between 1997 (a record year) and 1998 (another record year) – and it’s not as though that record stood for years, it was surpassed not very long after at all.

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Undoubtedly, we’ll still get idiots in the government claiming that the planet’s been cooling down recently and that there’s no need to move from carbon intensive energy sources.

That’s where I wonder if they’re just listening to someone with a political agenda, or if they ever actually ask to look at evidence…

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