Month: July 2014

  • Ring ring

    First Dog on the Moon so brilliantly captures the absurdity of the situation in Gaza: If you couldn’t laugh, you’d cry. Love that the Guardian Australia has this as a permanent fixture.  

  • Count to ten

    Where conspiracy theories cross poor interface design: This was the “bad old days” of computers and the only way to reset her station was from my central console. On this day, I highlighted her workstation and hit the F6 key to reset.  But my screen went temporarily black and then seemed to be starting again.  I […]

  • A River Runs Through It

    This is some amazing furniture – wood and glass tables that look like natural rivers. Wish it wasn’t over in the US.

  • Movie Posters Minimalism: Paper edition

    Love some great minimalist movie posters – this collection of movie posters with custom paper looks fantastic: