Month: April 2014

  • Wells and Stalin

    Massively fascinating: a 1934 interview between H. G. Wells and Josef Stalin. You can see there were some heady debates about deep-seated philosophical issues and attitudes to society going on at the time: Stalin: Yes, you are right when you say that the old social system is breaking down; but it is not breaking down […]

  • Trampoline Dunking

    I wanna learn trampolining purely so I can set this up and do it one day:

  • Ride along with the Stig

    This is cool: a 360° video (!) where you can ride on top of a Merc SLS (!) on the Top Gear test track with the Stig (!). The future, welcome to it.

  • Classic Paintings Updated

    “Emoji Nation” by Nastya Nudnik: Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 are also amusing.

  • Movie Poster Mashups

    Awesome movie poster mashups – sadly a small list :)