Month: March 2014

  • Pi Day!

    In celebration of Pi Day (3-14), here’s a neat little article on pi, and how it helped Archimedes to develop a method still in use today: Aside from laying the groundwork for calculus, Archimedes taught us the power of approximation and iteration.  He bootstrapped a good estimate into a better one, using more and more […]

  • First Kiss

    Twenty strangers meet and kiss on camera for the first time. I’m amazed how intimate some of these get for a first kiss between strangers.

  • Possible Explanation for MH370

    Holy crap, this is a scary theory – a known structural defect on 777s could have slowly caused decompression that disoriented and then left passengers on MH370 unconscious: A structural failure related to the flaw could not only have led to a slow decompression that left the 239 passengers and crew on the missing flight unconscious, […]

  • Narendra Modi: India’s Next PM?

    The Guardian has an interesting profile of Narendra Modi, the man who looks most likely to be India’s next Prime Minister, the leader of the largest democray in the world: The BJP believes Modi, one of the most polarising figures to walk the Indian political stage for many years, can lead it to a landslide […]

  • If the Moon were a pixel…

    The scale of the solar system if the moon were a pixel. Lovely and with funny comments littered throughout the journey. This reminds me of the Douglas Adams’ quote about space: “Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. I mean you may think it’s a long […]

  • House of Cards Opening: West Wing Edition

    Spoilers for Season 2: [youtube] Now imagine if these characters had been written by Sorkin instead… Hmm.

  • 1×1.gif

    Only 90s web developers will get this: Towards the end of the golden era of HTML, CSS appeared on the scene, promising a world of separating content from style, and we’ve been dealing with that disaster ever since. The absolute first thing we did with CSS was use it to stop underlining links. Overnight, the […]