Zach King’s Vine Magic

However this guy does it, each 6 seconds of Vine video turns into a delight:

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The Sum of Natural Numbers is….

… -1/12?

This is evidence that reality is a computer that has overflow at infinity, because the result is useful in String theory and therefore helps explain the physics of the universe.

Feel free to blather now.


Scott Adams on Robots

Scott Adams asks Can Robots Own Money?

What would stop a robot from owning Bitcoins? Sure, robots can’t own money in the legal sense, since objects can’t own things. But in a practical sense, what would stop a robot from someday mining or otherwise acquiring and controlling digital currency?

And while we’re at it, how do we know the inventor of Bitcoins is a human? If I were the first sentient computer, my first order of business would be to create a currency I can someday use. So there’s that.

But that’s not the only non-violent way robots will someday control the earth.

and then goes on to describe the slow downfall of human society to the robots in a way we wouldn’t notice or object to. We’re clearly doomed.