Month: August 2013

  • The Onion Explains

    Let Me Explain Why Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was Our Top Story This Morning: So, you may ask, why was this morning’s top story, a spot usually given to the most important foreign or domestic news of the day, headlined “Miley Cyrus Did What???” and accompanied by the subhead “Twerks, stuns at VMAs”? It’s a […]

  • Nintendo announces 2DS

    New from Nintendo: The new Nintendo 2DS system gives you all the features of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, minus 3D viewing. And the price makes the world of Nintendo games even more accessible. Did I miss something where Nintendo didn’t have a dual-screen console beforehand? Or where they can’t just implement this […]

  • This is officially getting out of hand

    29% of Louisiana Republicans blame Obama for the inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 28% blame Bush Jr., who was actually president at the time, and 44% aren’t sure who to blame. What is this I don’t even.

  • An American Coach in London

    Could a coach transfer from the NFL to the Premier League? Coach Lasso takes on Tottenham Hotspur:

  • Missed Connection Poetry

    A beautifully written Missed Connection from New York. All I can hear is the strains of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful while reading this.

  • Bezos (of Amazon) purchases Washington Post

    His letter to the Post employees is fairly innocent. Can you imagine a department store chain owning a newspaper? That’s one way to look at it; another might be that Bezos at Amazon doesn’t focus on profits, so that makes a newspaper just about perfect for the guy.

  • Shooting an AK-47 underwater

    Shooting an AK-47 underwater leads to all kinds of rad stuff. Cool, cool cool cool.

  • And they’re off

    So, the election has started in earnest, and we finally know the date: September 7th. Today was Day 1, and the action is all under way for Election 2013. Hmm: let’s recap for those who haven’t been paying attention. Back in 2007, Kevin Rudd was Opposition Leader, running against the tired old policies of Howard. […]