Month: October 2011

  • Internal Realism

    Alva Noe on the tricky issue of umpiring (in this case, for baseball): External Realism does a good job accounting for the fact that we all recognize that there are “bad calls” and the fact that dispute and controversy seem to be an ever-present part of the game. Because there are real facts of the matter about […]

  • People Are Awesome

    People are Awesome 2011: (via kottke)

  • Battleship: the Movie

    They’re really, seriously making “Battleship: The Movie“. And you thought comic book movies were bad? (On the other hand, Funny or Die has a great “What other movies could they make?” post, which happens to include Clue(do): When your family is more prolific than the Kennedys’ and more secretive than the Knights Templar, reunions can […]

  • Vale, Steve Jobs

    I was at work, browsing idly on my iPhone when I stumbled upon the news, linked to a short news blast from the AP. This wasn’t fake: it was a statement by Apple, and the language was solemn. Man oh man, the shock froze me for a minute. As though I was searching for a […]

  • Climate Change and the End of Australia

    Jeff Goodell, for Rolling Stone: Climate Change and the End of Australia:  As the Big Dry dragged on, rainfall declined in the southern part of the country, where most of the people live and the majority of the food is grown, fueling the risk of catastrophic bush fires. The reasons for this change in rainfall […]