Month: December 2010

  • 2010

    2010! I remember as a kid thinking 2000 was far away, and then a little older thinking by 2010 I would have this, or that, or the other thing over there. 10 years seems like a stupendously long time when it is as long as you’ve lived, or more than half your age. If you […]

  • Scott Adams on Sweden

    Scott Adams, on Sweden and the technicality that they’re attempting to hook Julian Assange on: I am always amused by the strange impact of unintended consequences. Julian Assange simply wanted to release some embarrassing information, have hot sex with a Swedish babe then have hot sex with an acquaintance of that same babe one day […]

  • Deadfoot

    How Stuxnet inflitrated and frustrated Iran’s nuclear program: At Natanz, for almost 17 months, Stuxnet quietly worked its way into the system and targeted a specific component — the frequency converters made by the German equipment manufacturer Siemens that regulated the speed of the spinning centrifuges used to create nuclear fuel. The worm then took […]