Calvin & Hobbes strikes again

An email doing the rounds at the moment – absolutely brilliant, especially in today’s context.

Calvin & Hobbes demonstrate business acumen
Calvin demonstrates modern business acumen

It’s like Bill Watterson saw into the future. Here’s another brilliant one that’s all too prescient :

Verbing Weirds Language

(with apologies for the lack of posting – things have been… interesting.)

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In ur comix, verbin ur nouns?

The top one might have been around the time Chrysler first went to the government for assistance, back in the 1980s sometime. It’s kind of funny how history is repeating itself in such a short space of time, clearly nobody in Detroit took any lessons from it on how to be competitive.

Chrysler went to the Government back in 1979, and the loans had been repaid by the early 80s sometime (I read Lee Iacocca’s bio when I was young =P)… C&H hadn’t started until 85, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a ref to that. Just think it’s amazing how accurate it still is :)

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