In Memoriam: Bluey

Bluey was given a fine send-off today, as signs of a terminal affliction finally caused those working to cure him to give up hope of a recovery. The best Bluey could manage today was an asthmatic wheeze, and with nary a pulse in evidence, the decision was made to bring to an end any further life support efforts.

As a 2 Stroke, 160cc Victa, little was asked of Bluey but to do his job, month in, month out, and he served well for 15 years, having come to his current role after being retrenched from his last for a younger model. For many years, though hot weekends and sodden ones both, Bluey strove to fulfill his purpose faithfully, although it sometimes took more than a curse or two before he got going.

In recent times, Bluey had become more and more crantankerous, occasionally stopping for no apparent reason what so ever. Things came to a head over the summer, as even in fine mowing conditions Bluey would not co-operate, drinking in a rich fuel mix but barely turning over. And thus it was that Bluey met his demise, although whether it was timely or not is left unanswered.

Bluey will be most sorely missed by Jerry and Jerry Jnr., petrol cans that served alongside him for years. Their future remains unknown, as a replacement is yet to be determined, and they face obsolecense in the form of the new-fangled electrics.

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