Month: March 2009

  • Add New Post

    I remember once upon a time I’d discover a new blog and spend hours going backwards through time to try to reach the first post. It felt practically necessary – the only way context could be sufficiently established, that you could follow along with new developments. In the days before RSS – that is, only […]

  • Machine Man

    Max Barry (my favourite Australian author) is experimenting with publishing a ‘real time serial’ online, I guess kinda along the lines of how novels were published in days of yore. Depending on how it goes, you’ll be able to buy the full thing later, as a way to support the author directly. Launches tomorrow, so […]

  • Avenue Q in Australia

    Avenue Q is coming to Australia! Melbourne from 29th May to 28th June at the Comedy Theatre, Sydney from 8th August to 6th September, other capitals to follow. You know how your face hurts from laughing too much? Watching this made my abs hurt from laughing. Think of it as an abdominal-and-facial-muscle exercise session. Want […]

  • Caveat Lector

    A response to this rather infuriating article: Paul Sheehan has a rather glaring contradiction in his article on Monday, accusing “Comrade Rudd” of being a great illusionist. To claim on the one hand that the Prime Minister falsely represented himself as an economic conservative, but argue on the other hand that following Keynes’ General Theory […]

  • Laziest Redesign Evar

    *cough* So, Um, kinda got bored of that last “theme” I’d hacked together without much motivation. Thus you have the SimpleX theme running here. Still have yet to figure out a good place for the Twitter & feed (if they’re actually wanted), but on the other hand, a whole lot more of this still […]

  • Movie Review: Quickie Edition X

    Igor: Not Pixar-quality animation, not Shrek quality jokes, but a little endearing no less – Igor is slightly dark, slightly edgy, slightly different – but the problem is that it’s all slightly so. The voice cast is stand-out – John Cusack as the title character , Steve Buscemi as a suicidal immortal rabbit type thing, […]

  • Leave me with a scar

    “What’s this?” “What’s what?” “This little scar here.” “That… that there is from skateboarding.” “No!” “No what?” “You never skateboarded!” “After cracking my head and getting 6 stiches, no.” “I still don’t believe you.” “I was 6 at the time.” “Oh… well, what’s this one?” “That one is from impaling myself on my bike when […]

  • PressDisplay

    Are you a news junkie? Looks like PressDisplay is the site for you. So… much… information…

  • In Memoriam: Bluey

    Bluey was given a fine send-off today, as signs of a terminal affliction finally caused those working to cure him to give up hope of a recovery. The best Bluey could manage today was an asthmatic wheeze, and with nary a pulse in evidence, the decision was made to bring to an end any further […]