A Couple of Characters

Octavia – a.k.a. Tavia, Tavvie, Tavs; she is 5’4″, olive skinned, dark brunette mid-back-length hair with brown eyes. You wouldn’t call her a model or stand-out beauty, but she has a certain winning quality to her, and a smile that lights up her whole face. Generous and loyal to a fault, occasionally self-absorbed but always has an impeccable memory for friends & acquaintances and their situations. Talkative and decisive, quick to anger but also quick to forgive. Curious about the world, having travelled extensively with parents as a child.

Claudius – a.k.a. Claudio, Dio – never Claude; he is 5’11”, mixed race (North & South European, so not neccessarily an exotic mix), fair-to-olive complexion, black hair of variable length to shoulders depending on style, with grey-blue eyes. Self-conciously handsome, he is shy despite appearing to have all the qualities necessary to behave enitrely the opposite – leads to being a bit of a loner type, few good friends only. Muscled from manual labour helping with the family business, not artificial gym muscles. Slow to anger, but can hold a grudge until payback has been dealt. Free with laughter and quick-witted when comfortable.

Tavia and Dio both need a home in a story – I have had one stewing for the past three months and it has got no further than these two childhood friends bumping into each other and going for a coffee – the dearth o,f story is immense, and finally I have canned it. These are good characters though, who can be pulled & prodded any way you’d like. I reserve the right to use them in a story in future, but for any/all the story writers out there, I’d be pleased to see you use them ( & link us if you do!)

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