Jaydiohead – Jay-Z meets Radiohead – Minty Fresh Beats: Something about Jay-Z must make him infinitely mixable, because this is one helluva mix, slotting right in alongside The Grey Album and the Linkin Park crossover of a few years ago.

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  1. I’ve been listening to it for a while. It’s… ok. I wish they’d use something besides The Black Album. I get that it’s easy to mix because he released that acappella version but it’s pretty tired material now. Plus it’s disappointing it’s all Jay-Z’s voice + Radiohead as backing music. Thom Yorke’s vocals and Jay-Z’s beats are (more-or-less) absent.

    P.S. Also check out Viva La Hova and the Ratatat Remixes.

  2. ahh ok the acappella explains all the mixes… I guess since I haven’t really heard Radiohead before (or at least conciously), it’s a new thing for me. It’s not full of successes, but there’s a few key ones (Wrong Prayer I especially liked) that do sound quite good for it.

    Lemme guess, Viva La Hova is Jay-Z x Coldplay?

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