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Essay Question

The objectification of women starts young and is inspired and codified by dolls such as Barbie.


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This is not an essay but I agree.

Disney princess movies also do damage by inundating little girls with the idea that they need prince charming / knight in shining armor to be complete. Ultimately though, it’s the complex family, social and cultural interactions that are the root of the problem.

Yeah, no doubt there’s a web of stuff that lies under this – I came up with this in the lead-up to Christmas, as I saw Barbie being promoted as a wholesome present for girls (as opposed to Bratz dolls). I just thought, for all that Barbie is being promoted as wholesome, it’s not exactly instilling diversity, be it of appearance, occupation or whatever, and ultimately represents women as objects.

Or, y’know, I could be reading far too much into it =)

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