XKCD – Friends

Friends. Sigh.

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Geez, it’s like the entire Internet saw this comic and went “oh snap, my cunning plan has been revealed!”. I haven’t seen a reaction to an xkcd comic like this since sudo sandwich.

I think just about every guy on the interwebs who reads xkcd has been in that situation at least once. If anything, the appeal is even broader than sudo sandwich :)

Well, there’s a difference between nice guys and Nice Guys(TM). Nice guys give emotional support and don’t actually expect a relationship in return, even if they might want one – hell, they might even say no if they think it’s not in the best interest of their friend. Nice Guys(TM), on the other hand, do exactly what the comic says: emotionally manipulate their friend and convince themselves that they are the best person for that friend to date, then wonder why they date people who don’t respect them. I’m sure we’ve all been the first guy, I kind of hope none of us have been the second guy…

I’d like to think there’s a third way, the ‘shy guy’, who sits somewhere between the two, that more guys have been than is usually credited :)

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