Month: December 2008

  • Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire: Jamal, a slum kid done good, is just trying to get back with his girl. The universe seems to have other plans for him, and it involves appearing on the Indian Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – where, despite his slum upbringing, he knows a streak of answers. This however makes the […]

  • Movie Review: Quickie Edition IX

    Tropic Thunder: The line between action movie and spoof action flick blurs wildly in this, though it pulls out just ahead in the spoof column. I suppose it’s only a commentary of our times when you wonder whether the product placement in this is intentional or whether it’s there to be parodied. While there aren’t […]

  • Bousoku Racers

    Whatever you’ve done to your car, you will be outdone by these Japanese cars. My favourite? The exhausts that empty directly into the ozone layer. (via kahiti)

  • Consumerism

    All I want (and this and these and this and this funky thing and this and these ingenius things and this awesome mug and this and this clever thing and this beautiful thing and this ) for Christmas… is a lot of money.

  • Essay Question

    The objectification of women starts young and is inspired and codified by dolls such as Barbie. Discuss.

  • Firefox 3.1 Supports Mac Multitouch Gestures

    Firefox 3.1 (from b2) supports Mac laptop “multitouch” gestures. Firefox brings the sexiness now for sure – the three-finger back/forward swipe is just so natural. Additional support includes pinch-to-zoom, and the rotate photo gesture to flip tabs.

  • Tow Truck Towed

    This lady had her car clamped – so she drove off with the tow-truck in tow. That could be an awesome on-the-sly ad for that car. (via Jack, who has just redesigned funkily.)

  • The Ballet

    So a friend is forced to drop out of attending a ballet performance due to work commitments, and she offers the ticket to me. I think to myself, “who me?”, but then I reconsider: “Why the hell not?” And thus it is that I found myself at Manon, performed by The Australian Ballet at the […]

  • Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak

    Kanye follows up Graduation with a brilliant album that you will almost certainly not get on the first listen, if you’re expecting anything like Graduation or Late Registration. Kanye is of course reknowned for his hip-hop, but he takes a turn towards left-field here, experimenting with synth-pop style beats, and heavy on the synth-drums – […]

  • Why Australia’s Internet Filter Will Not Work

    Why Australia’s Internet Filter Will Not Work: Ars points out all the stupid parts of the Government’s plan. If this thing goes ahead, it’ll be chalked up as one of the stupidest things done by a allegedly progressive government.