Month: September 2008

  • Priorities

    The $700 billion bail-out of the US banks and their ‘toxic loans’ is not exactly universally acclaimed: For years now, they’ve told us that we can’t afford—that the government providing healthcare to all people is just unimaginable; it can’t be done. We don’t have the money to rebuild our infrastructure. We don’t have the money […]

  • In the Air

    In the Air: Malcolm Gladwell reflects on the process of invention, and whether some discoveries or inventions are somwhat inevitable, or whether they really are singular as our single-cause minds naturally prefer.

  • WoW as Terrorist Tool

    The Pentagon is convinced terrorists could use World of Warcraft as a terror planning tool: In it, two World of Warcraft players discuss a raid on the “White Keep” inside the “Stonetalon Mountains.” The major objective is to set off a “Dragon Fire spell” inside… Except, in this case, the White Keep is at 1600 […]

  • Movie Review: Quickie Edition VII

    Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever – Antonio Banderas is Jeremiah Ecks, former FBI agent with a stupid name mourning for his lost wife, and Lucy Liu is Sever, disaffected ‘DIA’-trained assassin with an even stupider name. The first thing you need to know about this movie is that it is possibly one of the worst movies […]

  • Ah

    Today is the kind of day that makes slogging through the winter (such as it is in Australia) all that much more worthwhile. The sun is out in force, the skies are blue with a hint of cloud, and there’s a warm breeze that makes the shade that much more perfect, and out in the […]

  • Flash Spider

    Arachnophobic? Try out this little baby.

  • LHC Rap

    Not to be missed: The LHC Rap. I wish all physics was taught like that. Ed: Oh wait, here’s some more =) Don’t miss the Mythbusters video, and the Ruben’s Tube (‘sound on fire’!)

  • two three

    And so another year passes… These things are going faster and faster every time, I swear.

  • John Bush?

    More marvelous-ness from the Daily Show, having a field day at the RNC: (Skip ahead to the 4 min mark to get the juicy bit).

  • Palin, Hypocrite Walking

    If there’s one thing I think you’ll appreciate, it’s the following from The Daily Show: The Daily Show isn’t exactly a bastion of independence, so let the AP sort out a little fact check on various things said over the last couple of days (via Dooce). Here’s another fact-check from AP on Palin’s claim that […]