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A Personal Post

Haven’t had one of these in a while, so I thought I’d fill you in on the excitement that’s been happening lately.

I got a MacBook Pro.


Er…. *scratches head*

Yes, that is just about it. I really, really got nothing. I can’t even say “settling back in to Sydney” because now it’s been nigh on 6 months and I have no excuses. The scary part is that it’s well over a year since I was over in London (I feel like I’ve mentioned this before…). Work continues apace – it’s been a bit nutso lately, as the pressures mount on time and my abilities, but somewhat like assignments at uni I’ve been managing to scrape in at the last minute.

This will catch up to me, one day. Today is not that day, and neither will Monday be. Tuesday, not so sure.

The other thing fun about work is that we’re now regularly playing cards, in a misguided attempt to forget the views we lost. We’re playing 500 at lunch, a game I’d never heard of before, but allegedly it’s “the most popular card game in Australia” (Wikipedia) – go figure. It makes up for a lot when you have people at work that don’t just clock-in-clock-out on the friendship.

On every other front, things are on the boringly staid side of normal. There are some that are vicariously stupendously complicated and unable to be discussed in public. These things I’d love to have a rant about, things I’d love to talk through, but being of sensitive nature to others, it would be insensitive to discuss with y’all, probably even in private.

(and before you get too excited, let me remind you of the meaning of ‘vicarious’)

So in summary, just your stock standard old life. Better luck next week? :)

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A personal post and no mention of your love life?
Booo… I want a refund!

PS. So I should skip work on Tuesday when the house of cards collapses?

what part of “every other front” and “boringly staid” did you not get? :P

and wouldn’t you want to come in and witness the damage? :P

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