Movie Review: Quickie Edition VI

Get Smart: Bloody hilarious. Unless you came to see Get Smart the TV show replicated on the big screen, or were expecting something with a bit of substance, you won’t be particularly disappointed. Steve Carrell is no Don Adams, but his straight-man is nigh on perfect, and Anne Hathaway with her gorgeous eyes is … well, a different take on Agent 99, but sexy as hell in any case. Don’t watch any trailers though, as it’ll kill some of the better jokes. ★★★★

Street Kings: I will forgive a lot for a story that has the balls to kill off characters, especially likeable ones. Not one of Forest Whittaker’s best efforts, but Keanu and co do well. Good to see Hugh Laurie out and about playing someone other than House. ★★★

There Will Be Blood: Look, I’m sure the critics love this, and I’m sure all those film majors love this, and I’m sure Daniel Day Lewis does a sterling job. But I have struggled personally to make my way through this in one sitting, and as a result my impression ain’t so great. Some impressive camera work, but just so slow and attempts a lot of deep-and-meaningful. ★★

History of the World, Part 1: Mel Brooks is possibly the closest thing America had to Monty Python in the 70s, and he delivers a right old piss-take here. Best line, Josepheus to Oedipus: “Hey, motherfucker.” Unfortunately, a lot of the rest just falls flat. ★★

The Life of Brian: Speaking of Monty Python, this movie shows why the Pythons were miles ahead of Brooks. Deeply sarcastic humour that delivers line after line without fail, memorable ones you can recall for years. Let down somewhat by a bit of rambling in places, but none the less probably the best send-up of religion and religious coflict of all time. ★★★

Definitely, Maybe: More Rom than Com, a nice chick flick, but with little for the guys. Isla Fisher is surprisingly cute, Rachel Weisz is under-used and the other girl… um yeah. Ryan Reynolds does well, surprisingly. ★★★

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