Month: July 2008

  • Historical Perspective

    Kottke points out, on the occasion of NASA’s 50th birthday, that it took 11 years to get people on the moon. Eleven years, from scratch. Three years after, they were on Mars. I’m beginning to think we’re getting quite a bit lazier and impatient even than people were 40 years ago (compared to medieval times, […]

  • Movie Review: The Dark Knight

    Where to begin with Batman? The franchise has, after all, been going for nigh on 20 years now, and now we come to the 6th installment, The Dark Knight. When you think about it, the number of Hollywood A-Listers who were in Batman and Robin, the entirely forgettable Batman movie of the mid-ninties, it is […]

  • Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog

    Dr Horrible’s sing-along Blog, only available online & free for one more day: Miss it and you WILL regret it. And I’m not talking the “oh that’s too bad” regret.

  • Semantics

    Maybe I’m just being picky here, but I think someone needs to hand the Catholic church a dictionary for “World Youth Day”, as it is neither “World”, what with only being Catholic and all, nor “Youth”, what with 40-60% of attendees at least over 30, nor a single friggen “Day”. Nor are the attendees allegedly […]

  • Why you should use a translator

    There’s a way to go yet before computers can replace all humans, and not least of all translators. (hattip: Regan)

  • My Timeline

    Swurl is a service which allows you to aggregate all your feeds in the one spot: very funky; I was looking for a wordpress plugin to acheive this right here, but it looks like someone’s gone and done a very slick job of it. The timeline especially is very slick, given the context of flickr.

  • Movie Review: Quickie Edition VI

    Get Smart: Bloody hilarious. Unless you came to see Get Smart the TV show replicated on the big screen, or were expecting something with a bit of substance, you won’t be particularly disappointed. Steve Carrell is no Don Adams, but his straight-man is nigh on perfect, and Anne Hathaway with her gorgeous eyes is … […]

  • Movie Review: Hancock

    Hancock: This isn’t going to get great reviews in the media, because (a) it mixes genres and (b) it’s got some moral ambiguity, which could be like, confusing and stuff? But don’t be fooled, because it’s… uh… really not that bad. Honest. Will Smith is John Hancock, a superhero who doesn’t know why he’s a […]

  • Fun Rock

    I’d found The Presidents‘ new CD at my local JB Hifi the other day, and listening to it in the car on the way back I got to thinking how rare this brand of what I call “fun rock” is – rock-type music that’s reasonably upbeat and light-hearted. I’ve got a very limited library of […]