Month: June 2008

  • proposed law of productivity

    proposed law of productivity: when you have more than 3 meetings in your calendar for a day, you can safely consider it a write-off.

  • Accidents stop in a town without signs

    Accidents stop in a town without signs – National – Who knew: when you trust people to do the right thing, they do it.

  • Diablo 3 announced

    Come my friend, and stay a while – rejoice, for Diablo III has been announced! Someone definitely left the fanboys in charge at Blizzard, and it looks like they’re improving on the existing, brilliant, formula.

  • The Big Picture

    The Big Picture blog: Late in linking, but if you’re not subscribed already, you’re missing out on some of the best of photojournalism.

  • On Petrol Prices

    The recent kerfuffle between the parties over who has the best strategy for cutting petrol prices – the Liberals pushing for “at least” 5 cents a litre cut in the excise, and the government considering lifting the double-tax of the GST on the excise – effectively cutting 3.8c – is astonishing in its short-sightedness. The […]

  • Everything is Seemingly Spinning Out of Control

    And the survey says… my last post isn’t far off wider sentiment: okaaaaaay, now I really need someone to restore my sense of hope and the possibility of getting out of this rut we’ve landed in. (via)

  • On Why the World is Going to the Pot

    Climate change. Global food shortage. Global oil shortage. Global  Overfishing. Deforestation. Desertification. Ice caps melting. Credit Crunch. Corporate short-sightedness. Inflation. Labour shortage. US Recession. China overheating. Growing inequality. The war in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan. The never-ending Israel-Palestine-Lebanon conflict. The “War on Terror”. Rising nationalism. Rights abuses. Increasing surveilance. Decreasing freedoms. Continuing racial inequality. […]

  • Get Firefox 3

    Firefox 3 released today. If you’re not aware already, Mozilla is “aiming for a record number of downloads”* in 24 hours. *(no existing record exists so whatever is downloaded is a record.)

  • On Democracy

    It’s not exactly a light topic, but here’s a thought on democracy. I’m sure most people understand the rudiments of democracy – rule of the majority is essentially what it boils down to, or so that’s the theory. Which is the point I was pondering the other day, really – if you take the English […]

  • Javascript Mario Kart

    SNES Mario Kart lives, on the web! I can’t imagine when they created Javascript that they thought this would be possible. (via)