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Movie Review: Jumper

Jumper: David Rice (Hayden Christensen, sulky as ever) is your garden variety weedy highschooler when he suddenly discoveres he can “jump” – teleport to a place he’s seen before. Based on a novel, it’s a fast paced sci-fi thriller that won’t win any award for plot (case in point: David’s never encountered another jumper before, but soon after, refers to the “jump scar” – how? wha? when?).

The action is unrelenting, the movie never really taking a breath to let us absorb and believe the characters, but for all that, it’s not half bad, and saved by Griffin (Jamie Bell, formerly Billy Elliot), ironically enough a character introduced for the film. ★★☆

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So, I’m guessing your Word-Clock post is no longer alive because of Simon’s little request: “Please do not convert the SWF and then offer it as a download on your own site.”

Was that you, or sheer coincidence?

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