Sunday Recipe: French Toast

Here’s an easy one for you :) I have no idea if my style of French Toast has any resembelence to the so-called real thing or not, but this is what I love to make of a Sunday morning.

Straightforward ingredients:

  • Eggs: my rule is 2 eggs for 3 slices of bread
  • Bread: 3 slices is plenty for brunch; 2 slices for breakfast. White bread absorbs the egg best, but some sort of grain bread adds texture.
  • Milk: 1/4 cup
  • Salt
  • Pepper, and other spices to taste: as per Indian tastes, you gotta have spices.

The Method to this Madness:

  1. Break yourself some eggs and sprinkle in some salt. No more than a pinch or two should be necessary.
  2. Mix ’em up with whatever whipping mechanism you choose – I prefer a fork, keeping it simple
  3. Add milk to make things a little more creamy & smooth. Also add pepper and spices, and ensure it mixes well.
  4. Cut your bread to make more manageable slices – halves usually works, though you can make quarters if you want to be cute.
  5. Start your non-stick fry pan, but don’t make it too hot – eggs need to cook slowly to maintain smoothness.
  6. Soak the bread in the egg mix for a few seconds
  7. Add oil to the frypan and drop the bread on. Repeat for as many slices as you can manage at once (build yourself up).
  8. Depending on the heat of your pan, flip over in 30 seconds to a minute, as the eggs cook to a deep golden brown. Only flip once.
  9. Repeat for all remaining slices, and finish up by putting any excess egg onto the final slice to give it a thick, almost omlette cover.
  10. Serve with your favourite sauce. Garnish if wanting to impress.

Et voila, french toast! (sorry.)

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I make in the same way too…but some people say that French Toast is supposed to be sweet…I am happy to see that there are others that like it salty..nice

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