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What is wrong with Lotus Notes?

To all GUI designers and those who aspire to such lofty heights:

What is wrong with this dialog box?

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This is why I love Apple’s HIG recommendation to avoid Yes / No and actually label the buttons according to the action.

In this case, an example would be:

– Send
– Send without comments
– Cancel

You can fiddle with the words a bit but the basic idea is that you don’t give your users a fucking headache. Also, the red X button should never be there when users need to make a choice. Too ambiguous.

That would certainly help avoid the awkward set of instructions, but there’s still something wrong here, something missing which a simple use-case could reveal, and that’s “cancel-and-really-cancel”.

This dialog pops up when you choose “Respond with Comments” to a meeting invitation. More often than not, choosing this option is the result of a mistake. The message window only has a “Send” button and a ‘x’ in terms of actions. Clicking on the ‘x’ gives you the dialog above – there’s no option to discard the response altogether.

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