Not Goddamn Happy, Jan

Today… today was just about the worst day I’ve had at work, ever. It’s the kind of day where you genuinely think of throwing in the towel, and wonder what it will achieve. Getting out while the going is good is no longer an option because the going is no longer good.

Mondays are never the best of days, but today was a particularly malicious one. When you start off the day with your work being questioned and undermined despite your best efforts, you’re not much inclined to respond kindly, and so it was bright and early.

The rest of the day then preceeded in terms best espoused by Murphy’s Law. You may not believe, but it will goddamn get you, and it will all come at the wrong time, and it will come in a clusterfuck.

And then I get a call, at 7:30, me on my way home hoping to wind down, asking if it would be reasonable for me to work Hong Kong hours. Of fucking course it’s not reasonable, but if I say No point-blank, that’s not exactly going to make me popular, is it?

My phone will now remain off outside of work hours. I’ve had enough.

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*hug* sounds like a very sucky day.

i’ve investigated what Hong Kong hours are (i had no idea) – it’d be about 11am-7:30pm? :(

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