Month: May 2008

  • Movie Review: Jumper

    Jumper: David Rice (Hayden Christensen, sulky as ever) is your garden variety weedy highschooler when he suddenly discoveres he can “jump” – teleport to a place he’s seen before. Based on a novel, it’s a fast paced sci-fi thriller that won’t win any award for plot (case in point: David’s never encountered another jumper before, […]

  • Movie Meme

    -Bold the ones you’ve seen fully. -Italicize the ones you’ve seen parts of. -Underline the ones you own. -Add 3 of your own

  • The Apple Macbook Battery Swindle

    According to Apple’s service department, laptop batteries are considered “consumables”. Any use you get out of your MacBook battery after 1 year, the warranty period, is “a bonus” that you should be “grateful for” (their words!). I don’t ask for much, but for a battery to go from holding 98% of maximum charge to holding […]

  • Fruit in Japan

    If you live in Japan and like mangoes, be prepared to pay ¥8,400 (AU$84) for one: between that and the $80 bunch of grapes, it makes our $13/kg bananas from 2006 look like a real bargain.

  • Sunday Recipe: French Toast

    Here’s an easy one for you :) I have no idea if my style of French Toast has any resembelence to the so-called real thing or not, but this is what I love to make of a Sunday morning. Straightforward ingredients: Eggs: my rule is 2 eggs for 3 slices of bread Bread: 3 slices […]

  • Movie Review: The Forbidden Kingdom

    The Forbidden Kingdom: So get this. You’ve got a kid from Boston magically transported to middle-ages alt-China. Kung fu and the whole deal. You’ve got Jackie Chan and Jet Li on board (for the first time in a Hollywood film), and you make this movie? Good lord, someone make sure this scriptwriter isn’t let near […]

  • SSBB

    Zero Punctuation reviews Super Smash Brothers Brawl (and the mailbag follow-up). Zero Punctuation is exactly why the net is awesome – potentially offensive to everyone and yet still out there.

  • What is wrong with Lotus Notes?

    To all GUI designers and those who aspire to such lofty heights: What is wrong with this dialog box?

  • The Lady’s Murder

    The Lady’s Murder – A short story by Eliza Frye: a new webcomicy thing. Uber stylish.

  • Frustration

    I’ve got a new thought: instead of sending off that email flame to the intended recipient, send it to yourself first. Read it an hour later, and try to figure out whether it’s just that they are a pompus ass, just don’t get it, and have ended up winding you up; or whether you’ve actually […]