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Any owners or frequent players of the Nintendo Wii: What do I need to know about it that I might not know already? What games do I need to get? (Note: bias towards party games) Can I hack it to do stuff that it wasn’t designed for?

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Well, what do you know? Must get games…? Mario & Sonic Olympics is pretty good. WiiSports comes with most bundles. If you can find any games that are bundled with a second controller, get it (trade the game in later if you don’t like it). Controllers cost ~$70 RRP. WiiPlay isn’t too bad, but you get bored pretty easily. Haven’t got my hands on Mario Party yet so can’t comment on that. Mario Galaxy, depends on whether you liked the Mario64 games.

Can you hack it? Haven’t tried. Haven’t read anything particularly interesting. There’s talk of some homebrew stuff, but not sure how far in development that is.

We have a Wii, I’ve mainly only played the party games on it – a while ago I spent quite a while getting good at WiiSports. Boxing is so much fun! WiiSports is good to show off the Wii to people who don’t know much about it or games in general (read: adults especially of the female sex :P).

We bought the remote + WiiPlay pack, which is good value for money, I enjoy playing the games on my own when I just feel like playing for 10 mins. Though Peter is right, they’re more of a snack than anything resembling a meal of a game. The Markling says that WarioWare has been given really good reviews, and I remember reading positive review of the Rayman Raving Rabbits game sometime or other.

Regarding non-party games, there’s always the Nintendo staples: I’m always intending to give Mario Galaxy a shot, although I was disappointed with the Mario game that was on GameCube, Galaxy is supposed to be just as good (though perhaps a bit easy) as Mario64. Of course, there’s the new Zelda, which is also supposed to be more like Ocarina of Time than Windwaker. We also have Metroid, which is good but a bit short.

We have two games aimed at the people our age (rather than children). Red Steel, is apparently awesome and the best game we own in terms of gameplay – i haven’t played it enough to comment (though the Wii-mote is great fun as a samurai sword). No More Heroes is apparently lots of fun, partly because of the humour and general content of the game. From what i can tell it’s sort of a RPG where you go killing people *shrugs*

Cheers for the tips – I got it yesterday, with WiiSports, WiiPlay and Mario Party 8 (on a friend here’s recommendation). I’ve not managed to find Rayman around, and the Mario & Sonic looks a bit cheesy :P (plus: Mario and Sonic? In one game? Sacrilege!)

Is it just me, or is $75 for a new controller a bit much? I know it comes with WiiPlay, but now I’ve got that, I’ve got to find somewhere where they sell it without it, and hopefully a bit cheaper.

One thing I’m definitely hanging out for though is Mario Kart, coming out April 24th. That looks all kinds of awesome.

I think we managed to find a Wiimote for $50 somewhere sans WiiPlay. Bear in mind PS3 controllers are $80 without anything but a badge. I still think you get a much better deal from Nintendo.

rayman 2 is better because its multiplay (i’ve got both!)
don’t actually have many wii games…. because we also have a ps3 (with rockband!!!! the best ever!!!!) and xbox

best thing is to chip your wii and buy pirated games *nods*

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