Month: April 2008

  • When Galaxies Collide

    When Galaxies Collide: These are some astonishing pictures that makes me wish I could go back in time and choose to be an astronomer like I dreamt of when I was 13. Some of the numbers are mindboggling – galaxies 450 million light years away, a 100,000 light years across… and we get to see […]

  • Wheeeee!

    The Wii? Totally, totally worth it. I will say this straight up: if it’s top-of-the-line graphics and abilities you want, the Wii doesn’t cut the mustard. Its sole non-game feature that makes pretentions at being something more than a simple console is the internet access, and even that’s flaky and needlessly slow – for one, […]

  • Laptops aren’t safe at USA Customs

    Turns out, US Customs can search and seize laptops at will: Laptops and other electronic devices can be seized [by Customs officials] without reason, their contents copied, and the hardware returned hours or even weeks later. Holee fuck me. Between this and the TSA, I’m never going to the US again.

  • On Blogging, or the lack thereof

    Every day, I have about an hour on the train and the walk home to contemplate what to write on the blog when I get home. And every day, without fail, whatever nascent ideas I have disappear shortly after arriving home and having dinner. There are some distinct advantages to living at home, such as […]

  • Jolie at 16

    Angelina Jolie, Swimsuit Model, 16 years old. Something about her being 16 in those photos feels a bit sleazy, though that’s not to say it’s not interesting to see the change over the years. (thx, Kelson)

  • Light-Emitting Wallpaper

    Jonas Samson is showing off light-emitting wallpaper. “Cool” and “Want” doesn’t even begin to describe.

  • On Things

    On Staring into Eternity Standing outside last night, I was looking up at the stars, the lights dark around me. I fancied that, upon staring particularly intently, I could feel our position in the universe. The stars actually looked to be positioned in a 3D space, as opposed to the usual flat feel of pin-points […]

  • Curly chair

  • Getting a Wii

    Any owners or frequent players of the Nintendo Wii: What do I need to know about it that I might not know already? What games do I need to get? (Note: bias towards party games) Can I hack it to do stuff that it wasn’t designed for?

  • Preparing the Space Shuttle for Launch

    Geekout! Photos of the preperation of the Space Shuttle for launch: scale here is ginormous. Sweet photos. (via)