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Price of a new MacBook: from $1499, base model.

Price of my MacBook, when new (16 months ago): $1899, mid-range with up-spec hard drive.

Price of a 42 inch HD plasma, 4 years ago: $5999

Price of a 42 inch HD plasma, today: $1395 (Samsung at Harvey Norman – catalogue price!)

Price of replacing a 13 inch MacBook display: $1300.


For a laptop that costs $1500 brand spanking new.

WTF, mate, double-you, tee, eff.

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Like I said, buy a new one.
Do it while you can still salary sacrifice for this tax year.

no real benefit this tax year, since most of it was in the UK, plus I think it was due for the end of March, so can’t claim it now.

Hunting around though I’m finding cheaper prices for third-party replacements, but still $500 – $600 kind of costs…

It dropped (stupid mistake, stupid story) about a meter or so and landed on its lid. Got a crack in bottom left hand corner, equilateral triangle with base almost as wide as the black sidebar on this site…

Dude, that doesn’t make sense. Go get a second opinion or something, maybe you took it to a really scammy store. On something as popular as the MacBook, I’m sure there is are third party repair people out there too.

Yeesh, next time, buy a Dell. I don’t know where you got the dumb idea to give your money to those pompous dicks at Apple.

Apple’s quoting that on the phone, via Next Byte who are my nearest “Authorised repair centre”. Third party replacement costs $700 from another store. is advertising $400 for the screen, and $200 to do the replacement for you… still enough money to make me wonder.

Do you carry your laptop around much? Maybe it’s just time to retire it to a life of being a desktop computer (w/ attached monitor). :(

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