In HK, at work. Great view over the harbour here, though the haze means it’s not half as spectacular as it could be. I feel like a bit of a country bumpkin coming here from London, because there’s hardly a building worth talking about that’s not at least 30 floors. “Crick in the neck” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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I am actually vaguely disappointed by claims that food here would be somehow more authentic than that obtained from places in the various Chinatowns I’ve been to.

It’s good food, no doubt, but it’s pretty similar to what I’ve gotten when I’ve gone to a chinatown restaurant and attempted to order from a menu where the English is merely decorative.

If you order honey chicken, you ain’t gonna get proper asian food!

The truth is, if you can understand the menu, it’s not gonna be proper chinese food. Besides, the Sydney chinatown does a fairly good job of offering the variety of food. The subtle difference is the quality.

Just take Wonton Mein for example:

Sure you can get this in Sydney (or any other Chinatown), but how about the texture of the noodle? The mixture of the fillings? The texture of the skin of the wonton? Can you tell the difference? Can you tell what is better?

It’s not that simple mate.

I can assure you that food in HK are better than those in Sydney. But Sydney does a fairly good job itself.

But if you are telling me the food in HK is close to the London chinatown, you’ve been hanging out at the wrong places :)

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