Month: March 2008

  • Random Idea

    Random idea: Inner-city multi-level caravan “park” Implementation: Build a big “car park” for caravans in the city, letting people stay in the city with their caravans, keeping it cheap but convenient. Astroturf it even. Up and down ramps will need to be wider than normal, and height of levels will also need to be more […]

  • WordPress 2.5

    Updated to WordPress 2.5; lemme know if you spot any issues.

  • Of Truth and Shame

    Of Truth and Shame: Time (in 1947) on Mahatma Gandhi’s death: I was taking a look through the Time magazine archive, and wanted to see what some events were like being report just as they happened. Gandhi’s assassination is the one that struck me as particularly poignant.

  • Giant Song Titles

    Let me show you my pokemans muxtape.

  • A Metro to Nowhere

    A friend asked me the other day to name one thing in London that was better than it was here in Sydney. At first, I thought I could pull out a long list, having stayed there long enough to learn the city fairly well. But only one thing really stood out: the tube. The tube […]

  • Posts from International Association of Time Travelers

    Posts from International Association of Time Travelers Members’ Forum, 2104 *chuckles* (via)

  • Happy Holi

    Happy Holi everyone! This year is possibly the first time ever we’ve got four days off just for Holi :)

  • The Damage

    Just to document what exactly has happened: It seems to be worst on the grey background – on a white background, it’s hardly noticeable. On a black background, it’s a thin white line. I swear it’s gotten better, somehow – I didn’t take any photos when it had just happened (being too distraught and all), […]

  • Ludicrousness

    Price of a new MacBook: from $1499, base model. Price of my MacBook, when new (16 months ago): $1899, mid-range with up-spec hard drive. Price of a 42 inch HD plasma, 4 years ago: $5999 Price of a 42 inch HD plasma, today: $1395 (Samsung at Harvey Norman – catalogue price!) Price of replacing a […]

  • Book Review: Dracula

    I first read Dracula in year 8, for English, and I remember then that I had found it a little tedious, and yet simultaneously slightly terrifying. So what did I think when looking at a wall of ultra-cheap classics than “why not pick up this one again?” I’ll freely admit I don’t have the head […]