Going to HK

HK trip 95% confirmed – go on, what are your tips? What to see, what to do, what kind of weather, what food to eat, etc?

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My tips :

– Buy electronics : with the AUD so high, they are much cheaper than over here

– Buy electronics at a major brand : they can’t actually rip you off because you are a foreigner

– Find someone that can speak Cantonese to show you around

– Eat a major food chains – you’ve got no chance with only English at the small local stores

– 999 is the emergency number (not 000)

– eat at the famous mango place that has heaps of mango desserts. don’t worry there are heaps of them around. its a red looking cafe
– always shop around for prices. there is this building that has 3 floors of computer ware and each level gets cheaper and cheaper. you can buy cameras there too and its cheaper than on the street. i can’t remember where it is or what its called. i can ask my dad if he remembers.
– buy clothes! hk people are so fashionable!
– electronic shopping is best at kow long island
– eat heaps!
– lots of places doesn’t have an english menu
– lonely planet does a pretty good job of taking you to places
– there is a street full of pubs and clubs on the hongkong island. definitely must go there. sooooo much fun. there are two aussie bars. kangaroo and woollamaloo (?)
– temple street is the man’s market because it has more electronics

btw hongkong isn’t as cheap as it used to be.

omg i love hongkong. the late opening hours the shopping! oh the shopping and the food!

its not cold there. i went there in winter and it was warmer than melbourne’s “summer” -_- btw it was freezing on saturday. i had so many layers on!!!!!

haha, wow… I’m not there on holiday, I have to actually get some work done >.< but thanks for the tips! p.s. it's woolloomooloo (Sydney suburb :D) p.p.s. and you wonder why I moved to Sydney :D

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