the daily column


  • Went to see Les Miserables. Not a bad performance all round, but found the amusing bits better than the emotionally-heavy parts.
  • Also went to see Wicked, which retells the story of The Wizard of Oz fantastically. Wish I could understand the high-pitched singing though.
  • Find musicals strange as ever. Why would people randomly start singing?! Resolve to go see more plays at some point.
  • Went to Oxford last week. Not what I expected, though not in a bad way.
  • Been ticking off some of the things-to-do-in-London I still hadn’t gotten around to.
  • Witnessed the protest by Project Chanology yesterday in London. Quite amusing to see all those geeks protesting (c’mon, they had a banner saying ‘lol Xenu’, and ticked the stereotype boxes of pasty, skinny, acne-fied, long hair… some effort, guys!) A couple of photos to be uploaded soonish.
  • Happy Chinese New Year! The festivities were in full force in London on Sunday (Thursday doesn’t do well for a day out for the family). Absolutely nuts, fireworks so loud I was deaf for a good couple of minutes.
  • Work as usual.
  • Going to HK for a week long business trip where I get to train users and listen to their complaints about how the system doesn’t do this or that or the other thing that the other, totally unrelated and far better resourced system does/has. Yaaaaaaaay.
  • On the other hand, my new passport will get fancy new stamp on it! Need to start filling it up already :)
  • Finished Arrested Development. While I wish it would have had more epsiodes, they worked really well within the confines and ended it in style. This is the kind of show I could re-watch over and over just to try to remember the quotes. Sufficient to say, Hermano, Come on!, I’ve made a huge mistake and Steve Holt’s double fist pump are now part of my phrasebook. In the AD style. Coz, you know, they say it differently.

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