Month: February 2008

  • Earthquake!

    Earthquake! I felt that! Trying to get to sleep, there was a slight feel of movement and the door &  mirror rattled. Initially thought it was a truck passing maybe, but it went on for a bit longer… cool :)

  • Dammit

    Man, you must be really looking forward to going back. You gonna to come back here? Are you going to miss the place? We’ll miss you. Dammit, just when I think I had it all sorted, I get that stab of last-minute repenting. I am looking forward to going back, but if you ask me […]

  • Placeholder

    This would be about the point where I insert a meme and/or mention I can’t think of anything to write, which would immediately prompt me to write again. So instead, I’ll just insert a placeholder until I can work up something about leaving London behind. I’ve been watching Daria, that’s what I’ve been doing.

  • K

    A brief interlude, in which I discuss something that has, frankly, blown my mind today. If you want to get a job in the finance world coming from IT, it would pay well to learn K, a programming language as concise as it is targeted at doing maths very damn well. To provide an example […]

  • SAD

    If hating God’s crappy weather is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  • Going to HK

    HK trip 95% confirmed – go on, what are your tips? What to see, what to do, what kind of weather, what food to eat, etc?

  • The many faces of Charlize Theron

    The many faces of Charlize Theron: Let’s compare and contrast that to, oh, any number of other starlets who look exactly the same in every movie. Changing your appearance that drastically has to be commitment to method acting if there ever was one. (accompanying article on smh)

  • Movie Review: Superbad

    Superbad: Teen comedy in the vein of American Pie, but with far better plot and acting. Actors almost look too young (they really supposed to be 18? Is that what 18 year olds act like, really?) Unfortunately doesn’t rise far above the genre, which doesn’t exactly help. ★★★

  • Movie Review: The Kingdom

    The Kingdom: “Syriana for dummies” is how the New York Times describes this, and it’s not far wrong. Syriana required you to pay attention in order to really patch all the plot points together, but moved glacially. The Kingdom has a straightforward trajectory, and while it gets lost in the middle a little, ticks the […]

  • Understanding Macroeconomics

    Understanding Macroeconomics (from smh)