Month: January 2008

  • Apply for Aussie Top Gear

    Apply now to host Aussie Top Gear! Entries close Feb 1st. (Of course, three out of the four people I would push forward for nomination are working for car companies, which doesn’t help much…)

  • Napkin Stories

    More mid-summer/winter fiction! Esquire magazine mailed a napkin to 250 writers and asked them to write a short story on it. They got nearly a hundred back, and the results are available online.

  • SteveNote Game

    SteveNote Expo: The Game

  • Short Story: A Shade Less Perfect

    I may have linked to this before, but what the hell: A Shade Less Perfect by Max Barry, author extraordinaire.

  • Come hither

    She walks in to the bar, and instantly my eye is drawn to her. The red overcoat certainly grabs attention, as many heads in the room flick momentarily towards the door. I let my gaze linger, drinking in her figure and her grace. Ordering, she looks around the room while waiting for her drink, casually […]

  • Sir Edmund Hillary, 1919 – 2008

    Sir Edmund Hillary, 1919 – 2008.

  • PSP gets features

    PSP to get GPS outside of Japan (ok not Oz yet, but promising!), and Skype (fully featured!): as a brand-new PSP owner, this pleases me.

  • Movies to Watch, 2008

    (links to trailers/more info where available/relevant) 21 (Heist!) Be Kind Rewind (Mos Def, Jack Black, and some good ol’ fun) Cloverfield (As if not) The Dark Knight (Let’s see if they can follow up Batman Begins) Get Smart (Steve Carrel as Maxwell Smart, Anne Hathaway as 99… could work, could work.) Harold & Kumar 2: […]

  • Back in London

    Back in London, holiday over. Unsure of what time my body thinks it is, so will have to nut it out and see how long I last. Damn me if this city doesn’t inspire some conflicting feelings within me.

  • The Cricket

    If there’s one sign of summer that I can’t go past, it’s the Boxing Day and New Year’s Test matches, when Australia trots out another round of punishment and humiliation, back to back, to some team chosen for the ritual sacrifice. I can just imagine all the other test playing nations gathering in a secret […]