Obama on MLK

Barack Obama on MLK and the Civil Rights movement: Obama (and his speechwriters?) is bringing back the great art of oratory (via).

I obviously can’t vote in America, but Obama seems to be the most well-spoken and inspiring candidate out there. The other candidates all look like they’ve calculated their lines and positions by polls; if Obama has, he’s a lot more subtle about it. Whoever gets the nomination, if it’s not him, fer cryin’ out loud, make him your VP.


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  1. Obama’s speeches are my current drug of choice. He is just so great to listen to and in these times he tries so hard to rise above all the criticisms and really inspire his audience.

    It’s kind of a shame that he’s getting pushed more and more into responding to these ridiculous claims against him (from both sides) and that’s time taken away from one of his strengths.

  2. what really surprises me is how much the parties are willing to tear themselves apart internally, but on a public stage. But once the question of who is to be nominated is settled, everyone is supposed to pretend like they didn’t say all those things and they really do support the candidate.

    It’s bizarre, and no other political system in the world allows it. I’m not sure which is healthier, however.

  3. no other political system in the world does that? hmm i wouldn’t know but I guess i’m too used to it.

    And I definitely agree, Obama is the most inspiring candidate out there. Unfortunately, a lot of folks my age who already know their voting democrat don’t want him to be the democratic candidate because they think he won’t get the swing votes and thus won’t win the presidency. And after Bush most just want a democrat in office. They have the same idea about Hilary Clinton. I haven’t talked to that many people, but the ones i have seem to think our country is not ready to elect a black or woman president…. sad huh. I think it’s that mentality that will keep us right where we are.

  4. * sorry the reason it makes a difference that they don’t want these people to be the democratic candidate is because they’re voting in the primaries as registered democrats.

  5. yeah, no other political system (that I know of) has such a public nomination process for each party’s candidate…

    I can understand the reluctance among ‘conservatives’ to have a “minority” president, but given the options, who else are you going to pick? :) I sure hope they do pick either Clinton or Obama (Obama-Clinton 08? :D), because I’m sure there’s an element of the swing voters who haven’t voted but might because of these two.

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