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Two Double Oh Eight

You know you’ve been away from the net when… there are 450 unread items waiting for you in your RSS reader, and about 40 emails, when on average you’d get maybe 4 or 5 a day.

Also when you haven’t blogged but for sporadic intervals.

2008 then! There’s nothing like looking at the year and thinking “oh crap, not another one. I was quite happy with the last one!” My memory now clearly stretches back 15, maybe 16 years, and that scares me. When you can say “when I grew up,” and there are actual differences with kids growing up now? Yerks.

If I knew what 2007 had had in store for me, I’m not sure I would have taken it. There were moments when I would have asked for a refund. And the one resolution I did make, to watch all the Bond movies in 2007 (007? geddit? geddit? Ah, never mind.) failed spectacularly – I only managed 10 out of the 21 – so I find myself looking at 2008 and thinking, I can’t even think of a stupid resolution to make this year, let alone a serious one.

At the start of 2002, I’d set a list out for myself of things to do/get, without a timeline for achieving these targets. They weren’t necessarily ambitious ones, but they were enough to keep me moving. 2007 crossed off one of the major items – living out of the country – and so now I find myself looking at the rest of the list, somewhat mystified as to whether I want to start achieving the rest. The remainder of the list was made as a i-know-i-need-it-eventually, and so it tends to be bigger indicators of responsibility and the “grown-up” world that are left, such as owning significant assets, investing and the rest of the frippery that goes along with life in the long term. Which I find myself far from ready for, and advancing towards rapidly.

Thus: a resolution for 2008 is to avoid such things until the last possible moment. Approve?

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