Month: January 2008

  • Multitasking Myth

    Vanity link: The Multitasking Myth

  • Tesla Roadster first impressions

    Tesla Roadster – the first impressions: you know, the electric sports car? I can’t wait to hear Top Gear’s review of it. The torque curve sounds off the chart (0 – 6000rpm at max torque!).

  • Prognosticating

    Here’s a challenge for you: what will communication look like in 3 – 5 years? Two of my housemates are currently studying Moving Image Design, and that is their design brief for a theorhetical ad for Orange (project is sponsored by Orange and winner takes home a small prize for their efforts). Last night around […]

  • Last.FM plays full songs free online

    Full songs are now available to be listened to on Last.FM: Damn, now you can tell exactly how awful my music taste is without having to go get the songs yourself. Security through obscurity for a little while, though!

  • Obama on MLK

    Barack Obama on MLK and the Civil Rights movement: Obama (and his speechwriters?) is bringing back the great art of oratory (via). I obviously can’t vote in America, but Obama seems to be the most well-spoken and inspiring candidate out there. The other candidates all look like they’ve calculated their lines and positions by polls; […]

  • Now this is cricket

    Now that was a proper Test match. I’m not bitter or anything, but this could’ve been 2-1, you know what I mean? Or at least 1-1. That would’ve made things interesting.

  • A few short minutes

    Returning from watching Les Miserables, I was in an oddly cheery mood, given the subject matter of the musical. I’d seen a visiting friend off home, and was now returning home when she got on. She was with her friends, and they’d been sitting in front of me in Les Mis. It wouldn’t have mattered, […]

  • Lessons Learnt Tonight

    a) Don’t rush dinner. Really, take your time to prepare it. b) Whole wheat pasta is healthier for you, but it also takes longer to cook completely. 4 minutes more, in fact, according to the instructions on the packet. c) Al dente is intended to be a lot more al than dente. d) Carbonara sauce […]

  • Movie Review – Quickie Edition V

    The Great Escape – An oldie but a goodie to start the year. Superb movie – if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a service and have a look-see. ★★★★★ I Am Legend – Will Smith is the last man left alive, a virologist named Robert Neville who has survived a virus which turns […]

  • When the boss is away…

    … I update twitter, apparently. My bosses for three levels are out of office today, leaving me most senior in the room with 4 others. Yikes.  And what do I do? I… slack off. And answer support emails, so I don’t have to write test cases. Woo procastination. Productive procrastination at that. I bought a […]